5 YouTube Channels for learning Econometrics online

During the lock down, classes shifted online and few YouTube channels started imparting the knowledge in a new avatar. As we know, learning econometrics online or offline is a tedious affair. But, these channels’ approach to present the subject to the audience have a different hue altogether. Fresh outlook and precise explanation. We present you 5 YouTube channels where you can learn the subject at your own pace and place.


We recommend our favorite channel which covers most of the concepts prescribed in any university graduate course. Very engaging, and informative, bring a pen and paper and start jotting down the points. Prof. Sabuj Kumar Mandal is explaining concepts crispy, clear with an emphasis on practical application.

The following topics are explained by him

  • Properties of Estimates
  • Classical Linear Regression
  • Goodness of fit of measures, Anova and Hypothesis test
  • Application of STATA for hypothesis testing
  • Multiple Linear Regression Model
  • Structural Break Analysis using Chow Test
  • Dummy variable and application of DoD
  • Relaxing the assumptions of CLRM and dealing with their consequences
  • Qualitative Response Models

2. TJ Academy

Joined You Tube in March 2020, this channel features videos about time series, panel data particularly. One economic student can also find videos on mathematical economics, microeconomics, and managerial economics. Eviews is the main statistical software used in this channel.

It showcases videos on the following topics:

  • Panel data analys: POLS, REM and FEM
  • Time series Forecasting
  • Static and Dynamic Forecast
  • Automatic Arima Forecasting
  • Box-Jenkins Method

3. Unacademy UGC-NET

If you are looking for a video in Hindi language to revise the concepts, this video is your go to option. Taught by Simranjeet Kaur, this is a marathon video for Econometrics which comprises all the concepts required to prepare for UGC-NET exam.

4. Gumilang Sahadewo

This channel is recently opened with few videos in Bhasa Indonesia also. But Econometrics is explained in English language. You can watch his videos by clicking here

5. Sunidhi Economics Classes

Follow this channel if you want to study Econometrics in Hinglish . Although this channel deals with a variety of topics, students weak in statistics can find her videos on statistics on this channel very useful. I liked the videos on Simultaneous Equations particularly. So, go ahead and explore.

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