How to learn econometrics without hindi textbook?

Want to learn Econometrics in Hindi and found no textbook in your preferred language?

Econometrics textbooks in Hindi are rare to find.

I understand the frustration to find all the major econometrics textbooks published in English language. Even though we are well conversant in English textbooks, an explanation in Hindi feels much closer to the heart than the rapid utterance of alpha, beta and gammas in the mouth of our dear professors, in English language.

Fret not, with the internet you can learn the subject by using online resources for FREE.

Amid the YouTube cloud, we have picked up the best videos relating to each topic for quick and easy learning. We did not find any single channel that deals with all Econometrics topics comprehensively. Information is scattered all over YouTube. We realized your need for saving time, amidst the semester exam system, so that you can focus on other subjects simultaneously.

Below, we are providing 9 TOP YouTube channels to learn Econometrics in Hindi language for various topics of Econometrics.

For each of the topics, we will be providing the link to the best videos available in Hindi. This post will be updated every month. You can also request for the best videos on any topics you want, in the comment box. We promise to scout all over the internet to bring the best resources for you.

Here we go:

  1. Introduction to Econometrics :

           Watch time 20.36s

Watch it to develop an intuition behind the line of regression. Made by Ideal Coaching, awesome explanation and animated videos will clear your doubts.

  1. Simple Linear Regression:

Watch time: 1.00.59

Expectation and Variance of OLS estimators:

Watch time: 39.52s

Both videos by Calculus classes will help you clear your doubts. If you are having difficulty in grasping the matrices this channel also has another video to help you out:

Watch time: 48.33s

You can watch at 1.25x or 1.50x speed.

  1. Multiple Regression:

Watch time: 35.16 watch it in 1.25 speed mode.

  1. Dummy Variables: Best video on the topics, explained in Hinglish. Excellent tutorial.

Watch time: 26.16s. Can watch it on 1.25x playback speed.

He also has a video on chow tests, which is very helpful. Watch time: 54.27s, 1.50x speed.

For video on hypothesis testing, click here for the video on the same channel.Watch time: 54.25s, 1.50x speed.

  1. Autocorrelation and Heteroscedasticity: By Chanakya Group of Economics, very helpful for those preparing for the UGC-NET exam.

Please click here.

  1. Simultaneous Equation: by Chanakya Group of Economics and by Ms. Study Guru channel. Both will help you achieve clarity.

  2. Time Series: By Prof Rajinder Kumar Arora

By study time channel

 By Chanakya Group of Economics

stationary and unit root test, & other tests – econometrics.

By Ms. Study Guru

  1. Chi-square, T, F, and Z test:

This single video by Chanakya Group of Economics has cleared my doubts on the tests. You can be clear about the concepts and their applications, by watching.Click here

Watch time: 12.37s

  1. Probability Distributions: This channel provides ultimate content for people without statistics and mathematics background. The channel is meant for and Engineering students but application of probability is universal. So, watch the videos and strengthen the prerequisites for Statistics. You can visit the videos by clicking on the link.

So, the above links are FREE resources. If you are preparing for the UGC-NET examination, you can visit the following link for solved Econometrics MCQs.

  1. by Unacademy.

  2. by Ms. StudyGuru

If you want a post about best paid online courses in Econometrics, please let us know in the comment box.

If you want an alternative to the bulky Basic Econometrics of Gujrati, visit here for alternative textbook which easy to follow without feeling overwhelmed.

Real life application of Econometrics is increasing day by day. Use the above resources, and master the subject without a hindi textbook for Econometrics.

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Thank You Very Much

Nimmitt Zorba