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5 BEST Econometrics (EASY) Books for Beginners No One Wants to Reveal

5 BEST Econometrics (Easy) Books for Beginners No One Wants to Reveal To decide on the Econometrics books is not easy for a beginner. One can feel overwhelmed with the content of the books if one is unfamiliar with the concepts of Mathematics, Economics and Statistics. Most of the Universities prescribe following two books; Basic … Read more

How to Write Literature Review for Thesis ?

How to write literature review for thesis? What is Literature Review? Literature review for thesis or dissertation is the part with extensive reference to related research in your field. It is where you establish connection between the source texts, position yourself among these sources, and update the readers with the fill in. The purpose of … Read more

5 YouTube Channels for learning Econometrics online

During the lock down, classes shifted online and few YouTube channels started imparting the knowledge in a new avatar. As we know, learning econometrics online or offline is a tedious affair. But, these channels’ approach to present the subject to the audience have a different hue altogether. Fresh outlook and precise explanation. We present you … Read more

CRDW test, SARG test, and KPSS test

Contents CRDW test, S A R G test, and KPSS test CRDW test What is it? When is it used? How to use calculate it in statistical softwares How to interpret the results? Source: More reference: S A R G test What is it? Who is/are the associated person? When is it used? How … Read more

An Essay on Panel Data in Econometrics?

Panel Data, also known as Longitudinal data, is a combination of both Cross-Section and Time Series Data. It is usually called Cross-sectional Time-series data as it is a collection of observations for multiple subjects at multiple instances. Panel data series can be any of the following four types. Long Panel Data Wide Panel Data Balanced … Read more

11 Highly Useful Blogs and Vlogs to Learn Econometrics

To master any subject you need tools, resources and strategy. In order to help you master Econometrics, I am providing here, 7 highly useful blogs and 5 YouTube Channels, where you can find the tools, resources and strategy to learn Econometrics. 1. This is one of the most famous blog on Econometrics by Dave … Read more

How to learn Econometrics in Hindi WITHOUT a Hindi Textbook!

How to learn econometrics without hindi textbook? Want to learn Econometrics in Hindi and found no textbook in your preferred language? Econometrics textbooks in Hindi are rare to find. I understand the frustration to find all the major econometrics textbooks published in English language. Even though we are well conversant in English textbooks, an explanation … Read more

13 Most Common Econometrics Models Used by Researchers and Students

Last week, I talked to a lot of students of Econometrics regarding the most difficult challenge they faced in Econometrics. The most common issue emerged out of that discussion is constructing an econometrics model that is suitable for the data in hand and/or real world. Most often, data is not reliable as economists have to … Read more

What is Expected Value? Rules, Properties, and Calculation of Expected Value with Examples.

What is expected value? Expected value is an ‘average’ value but a special type of average value. The expected value of a random variable is its’ long-term average. Suppose, we take a large number of experiments of a random variable, and each time we put numeric values to each possible outcome in those experiments. Let’s … Read more

R square, interpretation, uses and varieties

R Square: Interpretation, Usage and Varieties R Square or coefficient of determination is a measure of goodness of fit of the fitted regression line to a set of considered data. It’s correct interpretation, usage and varieties of are the leverage and privilege of great economists.  In the case of simple regression we use the term … Read more