5 BEST Econometrics (Easy) Books for Beginners No One Wants to Reveal

To decide on the Econometrics books is not easy for a beginner. One can feel overwhelmed with the content of the books if one is unfamiliar with the concepts of Mathematics, Economics and Statistics. Most of the Universities prescribe following two books;

Basic Introductory Econometrics by Gujrati



From my personal experience, I felt these two books are bulky and mastering the content will take a long time. On top of it, we have the semester system ! A very short span of time and other sub-subjects of Economics also demand our attention as well as time.

Hiring an Econometrics Tutor for one-to-one coaching will help but not many can afford to pay their fees. So, I’m gonna share the 5 beginner friendly Econometrics books which will help you wade through the Econometrics exam through self-study.

If you are new to statistics and mathematics I suggest you look for the Appendix section of the book you are going to use. Most of the econometrics books have a refresher course in their Appendix section. Also, you can refer to the FAQ page for the learning path to master Econometrics or contact us through email (learneconometricsfast@gmail.com).

In this article, we recommend the top FIVE books on econometrics for beginners. If you buy through our link, we might get a commission for the purchase.

Here, I will also add a few great books not mentioned by the mainstream professors but which can take away loads of stress. I have personally experienced the lightness; once I understood the beauty of Econometrics – a whole new world opened up for me. So, let’s dive in 🙂

My love affair with Econometrics started with this book only. I couldn’t get the essence of the subject looking at the fat books. Seriously, they looked like a big mountain to me and I could not comprehend the time for reading and understanding every bit of it. I struggled with reams of econometrics gobbledygook for a long time. One day, in the library,  I found the book A Guide to Basic Econometrics Techniques written by Alia Kacapyr. I decided to complete this book first and fast before looking at any other econometrics book. This book is written keeping the Undergraduate students in mind.

Written by Roberto Pedace, PhD this book is full of real examples, retina friendly fonts and pages that make reading econometrics enjoyable. With extras like tips, computer output, technical stuff and remember points, it makes the subject stay in mind for a long time. If your statistical background is wibbly please purchase this book and keep it handy.  This book is intended for beginners with zero experience in Econometrics. In fact, the dummies series is awesome for providing basic knowledge in Statistics, Economics and Mathematics.

Principles of Econometrics is an introductory book for undergraduate students in economics and finance, and can be used for MBA and first-year graduate students in many fields. The fifth Edition provides students with an understanding of why econometrics is necessary and a working knowledge of basic econometric tools. This text emphasizes motivation, understanding and implementation by introducing very simple economic models and asking economic questions that students need to answer.

A book written by A.H. Studenmund and highly rated amongst others is a thorough and beginner-friendly introduction to econometrics.  

Using Econometrics: A Practical Guide provides readers with a practical introduction that combines single-equation linear regression analysis with real-world examples and exercises. This text avoids complex matrix algebra and calculus, making it an ideal text for beginners. 

This is one of the best practical books on econometrics at the elementary level. If you are a novice and do not know much about econometrics, this is the book you should read. The language is lucid, the examples are varied, and the coverage is rigorous. We are all terrified by the Basic econometrics book of the same author. If you want to have a book that is concise, and reveals the content in fewer pages, then this book is for you.

BONUS Content 🙂

Since you are still here, we would like to give a bonus content. This is a must for practicing and solidifying your knowledge in Econometrics. It is FREE with Kindle subscription.

There are more than 400 Multiple Choice Questions, with the answers are in bold letter, covering entire University syllabus. This has been proved to be extremely helpful for students appearing for UGC-NET, and competitive exams.


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